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What to Consider When Buying a Modular Home

What to Consider When Buying a Modular Home

Finally you’ve got the land – and you are considering putting a Modular Home on it! Your land is a tiny inner city block that’s walking distance to everything and no need for a car, an outer suburban piece of paradise, a bush block hidden away from it all, a small hobby farm where you can grow your own food and practice self-sufficiency or even a large scale farm where you plan to live your tree-change dream. Now you need the perfect dwelling to go with it. But where to start?

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What do you need to make your house a home?

The first question to ask yourself is what do you need to make your house a home? What are the most important considerations – affordability, flexibility or sustainability? Is it all of that plus more? What about a quick build time without compromising on comfort? Is it a permanent home or a holiday house? Live in or rental? Modular, prefabricated, expandable or a flatpack build? Undecided or confused? Then Panstellar Homes is the perfect place to start researching your new abode.

Planning and research are crucial when deciding what to consider when buying a modular home. Let’s start with the purpose of the build – how you plan to use your modular home. Will it be your primary place of residence, holiday house or permanent rental? Do you have a family, plan to have one, are single or a couple?  The answer to these questions will dictate the size of your home and whether you may want to consider having the option to expand or down-size to a tiny home at a future date.


Where should you put your Panstellar Home? 

Next, think about your site and its accessibility. Generally speaking, if you can get a truck to your location then any of the Panstellar Homes options will be a fit for you. Whether it is a flatpack container home, modular habitat or expandable house, they are deliverable by truck and can be craned into position in most localities. While the usual site preparations will need to be finalised before the delivery of your Panstellar home, the adjustable footings of these buildings will make placement easier and cheaper. The flip side to this is that because a Panstellar home is completely demountable you can move it or on-sell it at a future date.

How long does it take?

The time it takes to build your new dwelling is also important when deciding what to consider when buying a modular home. Conventional house builds can take up to a year if bad weather is prevalent, building materials in short supply, the builder is juggling too many projects at once  and there are not enough tradies to do the work. Because Panstellar Homes are factory built and ready to assemble on site, potential delays are fewer and the overall build time is significantly less than a traditionally built house. 

5 benefits of purchasing a modular house

1. Customise design & layout

Modular and expandable homes also offer a surprising amount of flexibility in their layout and design. This gives you greater options to customise a home to best suit your needs whether it is a tiny house for two, a modular home for four or an extension of your existing living space with a separate tiny home or studio. The living profile of your modular home can be further extended by adding decks and verandahs. These allow for a seamless flow between the indoor and outdoor ‘rooms’ of your home and can bring you a sense of harmony with your surrounding environment. It also offers you the opportunity to make better use of your land for a plunge pool, veggie garden, somewhere for kids to run or simply for soaking up the ambiance of your own private oasis.

2. Affordable 

Affordability is often a key component of any new house build and this os where Panstellar Homes can help you make the most of your budget. The science and engineering behind prefabricated housing is a key element to its affordability because the use of materials and labour is optimised and wastage minimised to the maximum! New technologies and design ideas are helping the tiny house industry increase its range of housing options while at the same time improving efficiency and affordability.

3. Sustainability & low ongoing costs

For some people opting for a modular home, sustainability and the ongoing costs of running and maintaining a home are key issues for consideration. Because modular homes are smaller than the average 240 square metre house, they have a smaller physical and carbon footprint. They also have lower heating and cooling needs which in turn mean lower energy consumption, another plus side to sustainability. Solar panels can take you off-grid at a very affordable price too. You can even take this one step further when you think about ongoing maintenance costs over the life of the house – a smaller tiny home made from more sustainable materials needs less maintenance, even down to less time and energy for cleaning the inside or outside of the building. The perfect scenario where less really does mean more!

4. Minimal lifestyle

A smaller or more compact living space also gives rise to the opportunity to declutter! Is it easy to accumulate more than we really need in our day to day living especially with the growth in online shopping, fast fashion and decor trends. A tiny home gives you a chance to explore what is truly functional and fitting for your space, to look for items that have multiple uses, to simplify and find the freedom in fewer possessions. All that reduced consumerism means you can enjoy your tiny home to the maximum and leave plenty of space (and money) for the important things in life like time with family and friends, holidays or special hobbies.

5. Aesthetics

Aesthetics are also to be considered when looking at a modular home. A small home or tiny house, whether modular, flatpack or expandable doesn’t mean you have to compromise on comfort or style. The challenge of any good design is about incorporating function with form or usability with style and Panstellar Homes has plenty to offer with their modern, stylish and comfortable range of dwellings. The use of well planned and creative storage solutions help to maximise space while providing a place for all the essentials because tiny house living should not mean compromising your lifestyle. 

Whether you are planning your forever home, taking the road to financial freedom, need a weekend getaway or that extra space for your expanding family, then Panstellar Homes is the place to start. For modular homes, flatpack container houses, tiny homes or expandable houses, we offer a great range at very affordable prices.


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