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5 Exciting Business Opportunities on Your Farm

Want to know how you can turn your farm into a Business opportunity? Here is everything you need to know! 

The NSW government is making it easier for farmers to turn their property into tourist attractions, such as farm experiences, cellar doors, and farm stays. In this blog post, we’ll explore five ways you can utilize your farm for new business ventures if you meet the standards for exempt and compliant development planning pathways

1. Accommodate Campers

If you have at least 15 hectares of land and meet the criteria, you can host campers on your farm without the need for planning or building approval. Tents must be 6 meters away from any structure and you can accommodate up to 20 guests for stays of up to 21 days.

2.  Construct a New Building

If you have a property that meets the requirements, you can fast-track clearance for the construction of a new building to sell produce from your farm. Depending on the size of your property, the building can be up to 200 square meters and up to 7 or 10 meters tall, with a maximum of 100 visitors at a time.

3. Host Events

You can host events such as tours, weddings, conferences, and other occasions, with a few conditions in place. A maximum of 50 individuals can attend events 52 days a year, and they can only occur on weekends and federal holidays. Neighboring properties must also be given at least one week’s notice before the event.

4. Set Up a Business

You can establish a store, café, tasting room, or workshop in an existing structure on your farm to showcase the products of your land. To do this, you must meet certain conditions.

5. Embrace the Outdoors

Whether it’s offering scenic hikes, guided tours, or horseback riding excursions, there are plenty of opportunities to embrace the great outdoors and connect visitors with the beauty of nature on your farm.


Explore the Possibilities

Agritourism provides exciting business opportunities for farmers, and with the help of the NSW government, it’s easier than ever to turn your property into a thriving tourist destination. Whether you want to host campers, events, or set up a business, there’s something for everyone in agritourism. At Panstellar Homes, we understand the importance of finding new and innovative ways to use your property. Our modular homes are the perfect solution for those looking to add a touch of luxury to their farm stay business or to serve as a beautiful and functional event space. With a range of customizable options, our homes provide the ideal blend of comfort and sustainability, making them a great investment for anyone looking to turn their farm into a profitable venture.




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