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5 Modular Homes Under 150k: A Guide To Finding The Right Home For You

5 Modular Homes Under 150k: A Guide To Finding The Right Home For You

The high cost of housing in Australia today can make the dream of owning a home feel almost impossible. The financial stress of a large mortgage held over 30 years and compounded by interest rate insecurity (in the 1990s we had 17% interest!) can make the issue seem even more daunting. Affordability of housing is key to this dilemma and one solution can be modular homes under 150k.

While price point is a key driver for many seeking to own a home, there are other considerations that potential buyers are also thinking about. Like reducing the physical and carbon footprint of a dwelling, or the virtues of simplicity and minimalism. Is the building eco-friendly, economical to run and built along sustainability guidelines? Can it be completely off-grid, on-grid or a hybrid? Is it portable, modular or stackable? Can it be used as a small extension to an existing dwelling or will it be a stand alone residence?

The tiny home concept has become increasingly popular amongst a wide demographic and for various reasons – affordability, mobility and simplicity of living to name a few. There are books, websites and TV shows dedicated to designing, building and showcasing the best tiny home ideas around. There is, however, also a downside to these beautiful structures – their cost.

Unless you have the skill set to build one yourself, the average tiny house on wheels can cost you $100-$200k. Why is it so expensive? They are often bespoke in design, tailored to your specific needs; tend to be resource demanding with a lot of timber and glass used; and are very heavy in weight needing specially engineered trailers to carry the load.

Panstellar Homes is the place to look for more innovative and economical options, and their top 5 modular homes under 150k is the best place to start dreaming. While some people are looking for ways to get into their first home, others may be looking for more affordable ways to add a little extra room to their current arrangements with a studio or office. You might be considering a granny flat for family or as a rental proposition. Or you may long for a closer connection to nature with a bush retreat or semi-permanent dwelling. Whatever your needs, Panstellar Homes will probably have the answer for you.

Celeste – Dome Tent

Don’t be fooled by their external appearance because until you step inside the CELESTE you don’t know just how big they feel from the inside. The Geodesic Dome Tent offers one of the more unique design options for modular homes under 150k – in fact you will spend only a fraction of that amount. The spacious tent with a clear front lets in the light and reflections of the environment, while you stay cosy and content inside. With its own off grid and eco-friendly solutions CELESTE can be set up at any location. The magnificent design blends in easily with natural surroundings – perfect for an office, studio, teen retreat or guest accommodation in any backyard.

Geodesic Dome Tent


Solstice – Glamping Tent

Our SOLSTICE Glamping Tent is iconic in its shell shape. This glamping tent comes with big side windows to let the light in and to give you the best views. With its sturdy cover, it withstands all weather conditions and offers enough space to enjoy cosy days indoors. These modular homes under 150k offer a larger living space compared to the Stellar, and can be extended further with decks, ensuite and kitchenette – you can even configure two or three and connect these via covered walkways to increase your living area while staying under 150k!

Glamping Tent panstellar homes


Akira – Modular House

Our Akira Modular House impresses with its beautiful, elegant design cloaked with futuristic appeal. Whether you use it as an additional room at home or for commercial reasons, it creates the feeling of living in harmony with nature. Akira (Japanese for bright and clear) with its prominent glass construction, lets the world around you in, while you stay in the comfort of your modular house. It fits into any environment, from rooftops in the city to remote mountains, so that in your Akira Modular House you can find the harmony of your own sacred space. These elegant modular homes under 150k will allow you to stretch that budget into a generous configuration of Akiras to suit your housing needs.


akira modular house tiny home panstellar homes


Nova – Flat Pack

Discover the beauty and comfort of our modern Flatpack Container House NOVA. Designed to meet your accommodation needs with the highest assembling quality in mind. You can easily build your dream house despite traditional construction headaches. Plentiful and easily transportable, our Flatpack Container House NOVA are modular and stackable!  Everything you need to start your life in a comfortable home. This is where your imagination can run wild working out the many different ways you can use these highly affordable modular houses under 150k. Think tiny home on a trailer (at a fraction of bespoke ones), backyard office, stackable container homes, mobile studio or permanent teen retreat. Panstellar Homes offers a range of optional extras to help you get started too.

flatpack container house panstellar homes


Eclipse – Expandable House

Our Expandable House ECLIPSE offers a beautiful design as well as an efficient housing solution. This is one of the best options for larger scale modular houses under 150k. Once expanded the ECLIPSE creates a spacious home or studio to accommodate one to four people comfortably. Aesthetically pleasing finishes and custom layouts let you create the home you need with minimal effort. Add decks and awnings to create a greater connection with your surrounding environment, maybe even a plunge pool and tropical gardens. The eco-friendly design and economical use of resources make this a great option for those seeking a larger prefab dwelling, and like all Panstellar Homes, it can be moved to a different site at any time allowing flexibility of location or even resale potential.


If you are thinking about purchasing a tiny house or a modular house, or if you have any questions, speak to our team and we will be able to assist you to find the best economical housing option for you.

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