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Eco Modular Homes: What They Are, How They Work and Why You Should Build One

Eco Modular Homes: What They Are, How They Work and Why You Should Build One

Today, the housing market right across the world is becoming increasingly more innovative and creative, constantly improving in terms of sustainability and accessibility to keep up with growing climate pressure. As part of this growing eco-friendly movement Panstellar Homes offers a range of eco-conscious housing options to perfectly suit your modern eco lifestyle comfortably and affordably.

What They Are
So what are modular homes and what makes them eco-friendly? To put it simply, modular homes are dwellings that are prefabricated, meaning that instead of being built on location with a large construction team and multiple contractors, they are built in a factory-like setting with one construction team, where they are fully completed before being transported to your chosen location and installed. This highly efficient construction process means that both resource and energy use is optimised, and that all houses can be more readily customised so that they can be fitted together, stacked, or extended in any configuration that suits you.

Across Australia the popularity of eco homes is steadily growing, meaning that having an optimised and environmentally conscious construction process such as the one implemented by Panstellar Homes is an increasingly important factor for home-buyers. Companies and brands are now expected to take environmentally responsible actions, to be good corporate citizens, and it is becoming increasingly important to younger generations that their houses have sustainable features. There is now a consistent innovative pulse in sustainable home designs making them more accessible to the broader community. The eco modular housing range at Panstellar Homes is a prime example of how sustainable and eco-friendly housing can be seamlessly combined with comfort, style and affordability.

How They Work

  1. The first step to getting your eco modular home is to do your planning and research before you decide what type of home is going to suit you, your future needs, and your lifestyle the best. A simpler way could be to choose from the large and customisable range on offer at Panstellar Homes, and talk to one of their professionals about what the best fit for you is going to be. As prefab homes are becoming increasingly popular across the world, their design, functionality, and availability continue to develop and grow, constantly evolving to become better suited to an ever larger range of living requirements.
  2. Once you have found the best design for you, construction of your new home will begin, optimising the use of resources, energy, time, and costs. Efficient design and production lessens the amount of waste that ends up in landfill by using fewer resources and materials, which in turn also lowers energy use. Prefab construction of Australian homes can reduce waste by up to 80% when compared to traditional construction wastage, and also allows for efficient recycling of materials. This construction process also has the effect of reducing carbon emissions by up to 60% by reducing the large truck mileage that is required on a bigger construction site.
  3. The last step, once construction has been completed and your site preparations have been done, is to have your eco modular home transported to your chosen location, where it can be easily installed and set up. Depending on the type of modular home you have purchased you could be moving into your new stylish home within a few short hours!

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Why You Should Build an Eco Modular Home

There are a multitude of reasons why you should have your own eco modular home built. Aside from high levels of sustainability, a true highlight of eco modular houses are their affordability. Providing a cost effective solution to the growing housing issue, Panstellar Homes offers financial freedom and an affordable alternative, without sacrificing style or comfort. This cost-effective living style makes modular homes perfect for families, retirees, and first home buyers. The average cost of building a regular home in Australia (which is around 230 square metres) was calculated to be around $320,000 in 2019, or roughly $1394 per square metre, not including any design, planning permits, site preparations or cost blow-outs. Compare this to the $14,000 that is the starting price of a basic prefab home from Panstellar Homes, and you’ll see that modular homes can be a far more financially viable option.

Another benefit of the prefab construction system, along with increased sustainability, is the extreme flexibility that comes from being largely customisable. Panstellar Homes’ eco modular houses can be designed to suit a huge range of uses, ideal for:

  • Retirees looking to downsize into something more manageable and affordable.
  • A cost effective start for first home buyers, including singles, couples, and even families – easy to extend at any time.
  • They can be used as a rental dwelling, being absolutely perfect for holiday letting, Airbnb, or even as a dormitory or office space.
  • Alternatively, they can even be used as medical centres, shelter and temporary living for emergency services, or even to house refugees.
  • Moveable – modular houses can be moved to a new site at any time.


Included in this flexibility is a huge range of customisable features to suit your every need:

  • Multiple layouts, from one bedroom and toilet to four bedrooms and one toilet, or even three office rooms and one toilet.
  • They can be added to at any time, configured to your liking and even stacked!
  • Multiple options for wall panelling and ceiling finishes.
  • Ceramic tiling in bathrooms.
  • Wooden floor boards.
  • Multiple configurations for aluminium window and door placements.
  • Individual shower, toilet, and basin, or integrated bathrooms with all three.
  • Multiple options for interior and exterior finishes.
  • Stainless steel or marble kitchen.
  • Optional terrace, decks and gable roof.
  • Solar panel system – grid connected or off-grid.


The advantage of this flexibility is that you can truly embrace a sustainable lifestyle without compromise for the sake of accessibility, affordability or comfort. Eco modular homes are even suitable for different terrains, including sandy, rocky, and hilly areas, and even sloping land, thanks to the customisable stilts (with consultation of an engineer).


While providing a sustainable housing option is increasingly important in the face of today’s climate crisis, Panstellar Homes goes above and beyond this responsibility by creating a housing range that offers stylish and elegant housing options that meet all your lifestyle needs. Combining affordability and flexibility with the ultimate eco-conscious construction system that optimises resource, energy, and time usage, the range of eco modular homes provided by Panstellar Homes can provide you with the perfect alternative housing option to make the most of your eco-friendly lifestyle choices.


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