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Our SOLSTICE can be used for almost any living space: as an additional room, a rental, or as a unique studio.


Our SOLSTICE Glamping Tent is iconic in its shell shape. With the unique safari looking design it makes a luxurious glamping experience become real. This glamping tent comes with big side windows to let the light in and to give you the best view. With its sturdy cover, it withstands all weather conditions and offers enough space to enjoy cosy days.

From $12,500

Our Glamping Tents have a variety of uses

The Glamping Tent - The Crossroad between Camping Romanticism & Modern Luxury

Panstellar Homes offers the perfect luxury glamping tents for eco-resorts, guest accommodation, retreats, outback safaris, festivals, weddings or green getaways. You can customise your glamping tents to suit your specific clientele needs, location and the type of experience your business specialises in. There are quite a few optional extras to choose from as well like air conditioning, decking and light fittings; simply click on the optional extras in our Price Estimate form. The tiny home revolution is exemplified by our Solstice glamping tent and its lower price point too.

Glamping tents don’t need to be restricted to holiday destinations either. You can create your own exotic backyard experience with a SOLSTICE too. Why not establish a cosy studio or yoga room, a home office or that essential teen retreat in your own garden. The best glamping tents for sale can be found at Panstellar Homes where we specialise in innovative tiny home living. At a fraction of the cost of a conventionally built structure, this luxury tent could be the tiny house extension you have been looking for.



Our Shell Tent can be used for almost any living space: whether as a main an additional room to rent or for yourself, or a unique studio.

Our showroom will be opening soon in Northern NSW.

There are various options available, please contact us for more information.

This depends on any customisation or add-ons you would like to integrate. The delivery time is based on a minimum of 5 weeks up on purchase date. Please contact us for more information.

This depends on how the shell tent is used. Generally, you will need a DA for dwellings, so it’s best to contact your local council and building department to request more information.

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Our SOLSTICE Glamping Tent comes with the highest standard of material and quality and has its own story at Panstellar Homes.

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”
– J.R.R. Tolkein

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