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15 Reasons Why Tiny Homes are the New Living Trend


The housing industry is in a constant state of evolution. But one of the most unique and innovative forms of housing is the tiny home. Tiny homes are usually between 200 and 500 square feet and are designed to be as efficient as possible. They can be built on a trailer or on a foundation and can be parked on a trailer and moved as desired.  Tiny living is the upcoming real-estate industry trend that allows people from different backgrounds to come forward and opt for a permanent scaling back.  Why? Because they are not only cost-efficient but also save a lot on energy as well as space, being a better alternative for the environment. In case you are comfortable with humble living and giving up on an extra room, tiny homes can be highly beneficial.   

Here are the top 15 reasons why tiny homes are the new living trend:


1. Affordable/Cost Efficient:

Tiny living minimizes your expenses and increases your ownership of a home without compromising your basic needs. In addition, tiny houses cost way less than regular houses because tiny houses do not need as many materials to be made and do not require a land commitment as typical houses.  Tiny house prices may vary depending on their size, components, materials and features. Additionally, the retail cost of a proper tiny home is between $80,000 to $120,000, as suggested by Business Insider Australia whereas, a regular house requires funds from anywhere from $591,000 to $955,000 as per the 2019 survey. Tiny houses also give tax redemption because the property tax imposed on traditional houses does not apply to tiny houses. However, it should be noted that you will still be needed to pay capital gain taxes on a minimalistic tiny home, assuming you sell it for more than you paid. The low retail cost gives minimalistic living space owners the sense of financial freedom and independence to claim their tiny home along with the liberty of mobility. Opting for a tiny home is the best move to keep away from enormous home loans mortgages and develop their investment funds/savings for their future selves. If you’re looking for affordable tiny housing in Australia, check this out

2. Increased Sustainability

Tiny houses are built using inexpensive materials that are equally reliable and sprightful. Minimalist houses require fewer materials to fabricate, which keeps them cost-efficient. Also, less energy is needed to keep the tiny home up and running, saving electricity bills. This sustainability process lowers tiny home owners’ carbon footprints.  People often go for solar-powered energy sources and compostable sewage to make it more sustainable and eliminate power expenses.

3. Easy Maintenance 

While maintenance is a big issue in traditional houses, it also incurs additional costs. Water, electricity, furniture, walls, rooms, every aspect of a regular house requires equal attention and money, which may be stressful to some people, especially elderly people. We believe it is easier to clean when you have fewer items which mean less mess is created. Tiny homes give the opportunity to cut down some unnecessary space for cleaning, only acquiring valuable stuff, limited surfaces for dusting, and more time to dedicate to doing what you like! This ultimately helps tiny home owners to be focused on themselves.

4. Improved Mood

The simplicity and freedom of tiny living have many physical and mental advantages. However, an excessive amount of disarrangement and chaos around you has been demonstrated to take a toll on your mood. Believe it or not, less stuff can really make you more joyful! In addition, the minimal expense of residing in a minimalistic tiny house fundamentally brings down feelings of anxiety. When you have less rooms to clean, less stuff to maintain, save huge on your bills, get more time for yourself, then your stress levels are certainly low, and the mood elevates.

5. No Location Barrier

Tiny houses are built in such a way that they are easily movable from one place to another and are equipped to be moved in a span of 4-7 months. Here, the only thing to consider is finding a tiny home friendly place to park your house in. It could be any area from a forest to someone’s backyard, depending on how long you would want to stay at that place. Some people find it endearing and thrilling to travel along with their home to different parts of the country and explore more for themselves. 

6. Recreational Purposes

Customized tiny houses allow leisure time and support recreational activities such as yoga studios, kindergartens or playgrounds, sports camps with a surplus storage space both inside and outside, can be created into a painting studio, physiotherapy practice centres or as a sauna. Choose any tiny house type and get it customized here.

7. Ambience

Humans choose to live in a particular place where we find the most comfort and peace at! Tiny homes allow us to select our ambience without being worried about the costs and give us the freedom to move from one place to another. You may want to move with the season or sometimes from an urban area to a remote location; tiny houses give the flexibility that we can never imagine from traditional houses. Lighting some incense sticks on a rainy day in a remote forest could be your way of enjoying the ambience, and tiny homes are the most affordable way to achieve them.

8. Environment Friendly

Tiny homes use less energy, making less waste. The greater the space, the more exertion (and more power) it takes to warm that space in the colder time of year or cool it in the late spring. By that rationale, you can figure that minimalistic houses really utilize less energy, making less waste, and consequently making them more practical. If you truly decide to assemble, ensure you go with the tiny house construction services that support sustainable practices and reuse and recycle most things. Utilizing effective materials, once more, will assist with reducing expenses and cutting down on energy utilization.

9. Sleep Better

Usually, it’s assumed that people may not sleep well in tiny homes due to less headspace and uncomfortable beds; actually, it’s the complete opposite for people who have been living in tiny houses for a long time.  According to this 2017 study, people are more fascinated by the environment, and sleeping under the sky, interacting with nature makes them sleep better at night. This inescapable experience makes the body produce the right amount of happy hormones required to get the best sleep.

10. Streamlined Diet

Since the movement of tiny living is all about going forward with a minimalist approach, diet becomes an inevitable part of the journey. Moreover, being close to nature allows consuming healthy foods. Less attention is required on maintenance as a result, more time to cook your favorite meals and follow a streamlined diet.

11. Minimalist Lifestyle

Down to earth, a healthy, happy and spiritual lifestyle close to nature is what minimalist lifestyle recalls. For retired people who want to spend the rest of their lives peacefully, this lifestyle can take them a long way!

12. Customizable

Bigger windows. Check. More leg space. Check. House on wheels. Check. Inclined Roof. Check. Security System. Check. At any point, these tiny houses are customizable depending on your needs making them an irresistible offer to ignore.  Note: Make sure that the customizable construction is done using sustainable materials to keep the cost as low as possible. Check out some of the beautiful, customizable houses here. 13. Travel With the tiny houses on wheels, you can even travel anywhere you may like! Or even with houses without wheels, you can decide to relocate someplace else without having to spend a penny on hotels.

14. Additional Time Outdoors

There may not be a huge load of room for exercise and activities in a minimalistic tiny home, and that is precisely what you need to go out and participate with nature in fun activities! Minimalistic house residing drives owners outside to enjoy nature and acquire an active lifestyle over the long haul.

15. Investment Opportunity

If you already own a regular house and are not looking to shift right now, this can be a serious investment opportunity to look forward to. You can buy a tiny house and rent it out on sites like Airbnb or start your recreational centers. It also can be given on rent to less fortunate people depending on your lookout or strategy.

The Final Takeaway 

In times like these, when the future is unpredictable, it is a wise decision to opt for simpler yet healthier living and also save our future selves from the financial burden that comes with traditional houses. We are uncertain of our jobs, our health, our country’s economic well-being, and tiny homes can be a great way to reduce stress by eliminating half the liabilities and getting sustainable ownership of a sweet home.  Panstellar Homes welcome this new way of innovative living by providing high-end tiny homes, glamping homes, modular houses and expandable & prefabricated houses delivered to your doorstep.  Try out for yourself!  

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