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Tiny Homes for Sale – What to Consider Before Buying a Home

Tiny Homes for Sale - What to Consider Before Buying a Home

You’ve been saving for years to buy a house but the crazy rise in housing prices during the global pandemic has eaten away at your deposit. You have enough for a block of land or an apartment but you would prefer to have your own outdoor space or garden, maybe even a veggie patch, a couple of chooks, a pool or a dog. Somewhere you can relax outdoors on the weekends with friends and family without feeling stressed about your finances.

Maybe it’s time to look at tiny homes for sale instead? This market is growing rapidly in Australia and there are so many options to choose from that Panstellar Homes is the perfect place to start looking. While the average Australian house is a whopping 240 square meters in size, a tiny house stands at a maximum of 37 square meters (about the size of a double garage) and a small house at less than 90 square meters. Sounds small? Well, not when you think about what people tend to build into their houses. How many bedrooms do you need as a single person or a couple? Maybe one or two instead of four. How many bathrooms? One will probably do. That’s a lot of space saved already and when you think about the extra living room, formal dining, double garage, dedicated media and rumpus rooms that often come with a standard house you begin to see why looking at a tiny house or small home can make a lot of sense. Not to mention the added cost of furnishing all those additional rooms! (Oh, and the extra house cleaning needed too).

A smaller or tiny house by Panstellar Homes can also offer you the opportunity to live a less cluttered life. How many of us have too many ‘things’ that are filling up our cupboards and garages? ‘Things’ we hardly ever use or worse yet, used once, stored away and have forgotten about. Consumerism for the sake of consuming! Rather than living for your possessions (and needing all those extra rooms to store them in) you can focus more on living for those special experiences – holidays, gathering with family and friends, skydiving (bit scary), a slow trip to the Red Centre or a sailing adventure. The memory of your first skiing trip together will be far more meaningful than whether you still have the ski outfit you wore ten years ago stored in a box in the garage.

Reducing the size of your home will mean less money spent on the build itself and that can mean $100,000 plus in your pocket. The upkeep and maintenance is also proportionally smaller and will save you both time and money (and house cleaning). A tiny house from Panstellar Homes has lower energy costs in both summer and winter, and a well designed one even more so. You can even take your home off-grid for a fraction of the price of running a traditionally sized house on solar. All of these factors combined highlight the sustainability of tiny house living, from the smaller environmental footprint of construction to the lower energy costs and fewer possessions that come with tiny homes for sale in Australia and globally.

What to do if you want to start a family or already have one? Will there be enough room for the kids? Many tiny home owners are doing just that and are finding that their homes are still perfect for their needs. If you have decided to build a small house on your own land then you also have the option of extending your home by adding an extra room at a future date. Imagine your tiny home as the central component with one or two additional ‘tiny rooms’ or geodomes on offer by Panstellar Homes connected via decking or verandahs. The possibilities are endlessly varied and there will be an option that is just right for your situation. 

Australia offers great outdoor living opportunities so extending your living space with the addition of decking is a clever way to bring the outdoors into your existing tiny home. Imagine your Panstellar tiny or modular house surrounded by partially covered decks that then lead onto your veggie patch or that small plunge pool. A seamless flow between the indoors and outdoors that makes your tiny home experience even more perfect.

This flexibility in living styles also opens up the door to intergenerationally living. Create a place where you have the privacy of your own modern modular tiny home and the space to build a second completely self-contained tiny house for your parents or other family members to live in as well. Studies show that intergenerational living has many physical and mental health benefits for children, parents and grandparents alike. Knowing that family is always there to lend a helping hand is so important for young families and the reverse is also important for older people too. Many cultures across the globe value this way of living and it may be something you could consider as a viable option to reduce housing stress, childcare expenses and potentially aged care costs as well.

Maybe you already have a house and are looking to increase the flexibility of your living arrangements by adding a tiny house for your teens, parents or adult children to live in. The plan may even be to build a smaller modular home for yourself so your children and their families can make use of the ‘big’ house. Whatever your reasons, there are many clever and affordable solutions on offer by Panstellar Homes. The quick build time of prefabricated and modular houses also makes them a very attractive alternative to conventionally built dwellings, providing significant cost savings without compromising on style or comfort. It will also increase the value of your property. The flexibility of the building system also means that location is not a problem – if you can get a truck to your site then you can own the Panstellar Home of your choice. Just like a ‘bricks and mortar’ home, your tiny home will appreciate in value (unlike a mobile home or caravan) and you can even put your tiny home for sale and move it off site the same way it arrived. 

In Australia the tiny home revolution has arrived and is here to stay. Panstellar Homes can help guide you in your choice of the perfect solution for your specific needs, helping you find that more affordable, simple and sustainable lifestyle.

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